The Good of Nike

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Nike has been putting smile on people’s faces!

We are glad to see you guys came back to Today we are going to discuss how big of an impact that Nike has on the world all the way from the deals that they do with their athletes to the sponsoring they give to people around the world. To get an overview of what Nike has done you can refer to our Nike timeline. We in general are just going to talk about how much of an impact it is to be on the Nike side. So, guys make sure you listen carefully. Nike from all the charity work they do to all the dreams they help fulfill has proven to be the authority in almost any market they jump into. We would like to take sometime and discuss a company that has also given much value in the world and this company is called Ameran Garage door and Gate repair services. This company has provided so many people in Orange County, CA with quality garage door and gate repair services that people brag about them. Now back on the Nike subject here we have listed a few of the niches they have dominated and also helped society tremendously by doing so:

  1. Nike is the authority in clothes. The fact that Nike apparel is very fashionable and helps bring so much value to the world is also a plus. Nike apparel is used by many professional athletes giving people a thing to flock towards to in regards of athlete ware, people no longer need to decide what is considered a workout outfit because Nike has solved this problem.
  2. Nike is actually very charitable. Many people do not think the world’s largest workout corporation is very giving, when it really is a big giver. Nike loves to give back to many different organizations because the Nike organization feels the need to give back to society and love the thought of social reform.
  3. Nike is a great conversation starter. People love to talk about Nike, we mean LOVE to talk about Nike, so whenever you want to start talking to someone just bring up the subject about Nike and you will be surprised to see how great of a conversation starter that word is. So, just by branding themselves so well they have become a social outlet for many people to use in all sorts of versatile and diverse ways in society.
  4. The Nike design is very simple, yet impactful. The checkmark on the Nike logo is very influential and holds different meanings for all people who come in contact with it. For some the checkmark signifies getting something of value done and out of the way, and for others the checkmark may just be a cool logo. All in all the logo draws up very positive controversy

These were only a few of the impacts that Nike has made for itself. Nike overall has a big background and a great social impact on many people’s lives. Love it or hate it Nike is by far the biggest sport corporation in the world and continually growing at a very rapid rate. We want you guys to really take home a few things.

  1. Understand that being part of something bigger than yourself like Nike will prove to help add more value to your own life.
  2. Wearing Nike will make you look more like a stylish individual that we know you are.

We hope this insight showed you all what Nike has done in the world and what it will do for you!

Nike really has rearranged the world!

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