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Wassup, wassup, wassup!  How you guys doing? We hope you guys are doing well anyways today we are going to tell you how to get in contact with our Nike site! Many people have been dying to know how they could reach us and, we are sorry for being very hard to reach. The reason we decided to share our contacts with you is because we feel like it is important for us to share our knowledge via our contact page, that is why we decided to make this page we wanted an alternative way for you guys to reach us besides just responding on the site. We know that giving you are contact information will benefit both parties tremendously. So, here you guys go our contact information. You can reach us by contacting our email here below.

Here is the email where you contact us at: Make sure you take a picture of this email and save it because we check our emails very often. We love how fast our little community has grown, we are going to make sure that our Nike community does not stop there as we continue on our journey to expand. People have been looking for an awesome company they could contact about their love for Nike. They no longer need to look any further because we have Nike shoe experts and we ourselves know the ins-and-out about Nike. Being able to contact our company means you now have access to a 100% fan lover area of Nikes. You may not be able to grasp the gravity of how important this truly is, if you can understand what this means then you definitely have made an investment keep our email. We will make sure all of the questions that you may have are answered thoroughly and in depth. We can easily be a big asset to you if you really think about it, no really Just think about it a site that loves Nikes so much, would you not think that we have some type of connection to Nike? Anyways, that was just something to ponder on don’t hurt yourself trying to figure out what everything meant. We are just so happy to be getting a chance to meet with you guys and discuss Nikes must be every kids dream and we are now making this possible for you guys, so we want you to enjoy every moment of this opportunity. By owning our contact information, you have now inside access to anything Nike which means you are now 100% updated on anything Nike, now tell us if that is sweet deal? We know it does and we know that you guys will be taking full advantage of this opportunity! Now that our contact knowledge is out there what are you guys waiting for don’t you want to check to see if everything is running smoothly because it would really be disappointing if you guys sent us an email and we couldn’t respond to it due to technical difficulties. This is why we want some people to begin contacting us to see whether or not our email is working, we will also throw in a little bonus for the first few contactors, so it literally is worth your time to contact us. We look forward to furthering our relationship with Nike’s peace for now guys. 

Don’t hesitate to shoot us a email!

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