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Nike is the official brand for athletes~

People want to really figure out what Nike can do for them. Nike is the number one brand in America so asking questions as rudimentary as that are purely a waste of time. Nike can do a-lot for a person if you truly invest yourself in it. Nike is the type of corporation that wants to help the world out as a whole rather than hurt it. Nike has been the leading apparel brand in the world for quite some time now and it is not just because they are athletes first pick. It is because the Nike brand company brings so much quality and value to the world that you have to respect every single thing that they do. Without Nike we would definitely be living in a different world. People who think Nike is very Ludicrous and that Nike is only in it for themselves have to be fooling themselves.

If you really want to know about the Nike legacy, you got to look it up because this is the 21st century and one of the only ways to get ahead in the world is by understanding that Nike is a company that do more help than harm. Our sites job is to clear any urban legend that you have had with Nike and to set things straight about the number one brand in the world. Many people think that our site is sponsored by Nike and we only speak on their behalves because it will benefit us in the long run. We have one thing to say that: If we were sponsored by Nike that would be flipping awesome, SORRY to say we happen to not be sponsored by Nike so that accusation is highly false. We just know about how awesome Nike is to people and how much this apparel has cultivated the world for better. We just want to show people that using Nike is like taking a piece of history and attaching it onto yourself, you will feel the seams and the seams alone will take you back in time, kind of like a history book.

Do good to the world and get a pair of Nikes!

We want to educate people about the dominating shoe brand not because they are at the top, it is because of the quality that they bring to everything they touch. Literally by possessing a Nike brand you add value to the world: MASSIVE VALUE. People will understand once you put that Nike material on you are a supporter of a brand that is way bigger than yourself. People will also understand that you are an innovator yourself showing your respect to one of the biggest innovators in the world. We know that Nike is valuable and that once you try it you will never go back to any other brand you used to wear. We have basically shared to everybody what Nike has done to the world and what Nike WILL do for you. Nike will add value to your life because you will know you are supporting a higher cause. Now that you know the importance of Nike it is time for you to actually change the world by broadcasting all your Nike material publicly!

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