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The founders of the popular shoe brand, Nike, were two men named Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports and was founded by the University of Oregon track athlete, as I said before, Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in January 1964. The company was only founded with just $1200 in the bank. Nike’s brand logo ‘Swoosh’ was and tagline ‘Just Do It’ had become a well known symbol in the American households. In the year of 1985, a NBA legend, Michael Jordan, went on to design signature shoes for him and his increasing popularity took Nike sales to break new records. Later on, Nike move into designing apparel and other cross-country accessories. They sign various national teams like Brazil football team, U.S men’s and women’s soccer team. In 1996, they signed another person. It was a golfer named Tiger Woods for a sum of $5 million dollars a year. And the rest the people say is, ya know, history. Nike kept sending new editions of their landmark training shoes. Also, Nike started Nike Shoe in 2000 which was received worldwide. Today, it is now a large empire that incorporates lots of sports like baseball, cricket, tennis, soccer, and athletics. Nike obtained companies on its road to success, and almost sold all them. One of the companies they sold was Umbro. Currently, Nike own two sub diaries, Converse Inc. and Hurley International.  Nike hires more than 44,000 people and its brand alone values almost $10 billion. Nike has hand built a legacy that is at the top of the food chain per say. Nike has so much prestige that it is not even funny. Any person who knows Phil Knight can contest to all the adversity and hardships this man had to deal with on his journey to becoming successful.


The reason this site was made was not to just brag about Nike products, it was made to showcase how struggling and pushing for your goals leads to progress and progress leads to success. Yes, we do admit to loving Nike brands apparel because it is awesome, it is the story though that really captivates us though. The Nike story is what pushes our site to display awesome content for all people who come across our site. We want to make sure that everyone gets the success that they so desire and understand that the type of success that they want is very reachable and attainable if they are willing to go the extra mile that is. We know that being successful is a journey and we hope you embark on that journey with us. If you are a shoe lover this is also the right site for you because we will be adding content supportive to Nike lovers as well. So, to conclude our overview we want to give thanks to everyone for being part of our site family and we want everyone to come back very often for all the new content and material that we will be posting. Farewell guys, for now ~. 

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